Feb 18, 2010

Too much redness!

Valentine's Day is a sham! All the commercialization, the flowers, the cards, the cupids! Too much!
Where has the meaning gone?

Feb 14, 2010

Title Sequence Design

Title sequence design for tamil movie, 'Anbe Sivam' made in Elective course here at NID.
Made with a bit of live action footage of water, After Effects, and Illustrator.

(link to youtube for full size version)

Feb 5, 2010

Cats and Rainbows

2 more drawings done!
Thats 'Rainbow', which immediately led me to think of a greedy little leprechaun with his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, 
and, 'Cats'.. just loads of Black and White Cats! :) this one took me some time to think of so many cats but I liked the final output, though it was not exactly what I had envisioned.

Feb 4, 2010

New drawings..

Found a new site recently..

It gives you a topic each day to draw.. Something I need to make myself do! draw everyday..
well here are the first few attempts..

Clothes on a Chair: