Feb 17, 2016

Moving on

So it has been almost a year since I posted here.
While it wasn't intentional, the blog has pretty much died a slow death.
Meanwhile, thanks to Elle Luna's 100 day project I joined Instagram last April, with simultaneous posting on my Tumblr.

Since May of last year, I also quit my full time User Experience day-job to attempt the Freelance route.
Is it working? I have to answer this question every month when the bills come in and I do a lot of serious math,
but I have definitely been happier since then. So maybe the blurred vision is at last clearing a bit...
This blog has been an interesting journey through my student/post-student finding-my-voice days.

So now I officially bid adieu to blogger, until the day I feel my vision is 'blurred' once more.

If despite the sporadic posting, random ramblings et al, you want to see what I've been drawing over this last year,
do check it out below:

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If you are interested in working together/ collaborations/ commissions: drop me a mail at ramya.ramkrsn@gmail.com

Cheers! :)

Mar 20, 2015


Continuing from this by Dhwani

Sometimes the link between two artworks may not be obvious. 
For me, it starts as a thought- here what I wanted was the concept of mind against myself.

Sometimes there are a thousand emotions & thoughts rioting in the most frenzied manner in my head, memories and possibilities... yet I can't find a way to articulate them. Maybe its better not to even try. Perhaps, the best course is to stay silent.