Dec 28, 2011


A few of my friends have shifted abroad for further studies; and one of them was telling me how lonely she used to feel sometimes, so far away from home and family.
I myself have been staying away from home for 3 years now, but its still been in India itself, and its pretty fine compared to going to an absolutely new place where people speak funny and look at you strangely.

One of the things she told me was how happy she would get whenever she got any post, the snail mail kind.
Even if it was just junk mail or bills to be paid, seeing an actual envelope, addressed to you specifically was almost like a parcel from home. It beat email hands down! (or atleast that's what she told me :)
So, this year I decided, I would send some snail mail to everyone, for New Year!
Like many of my self initiated projects, I was not sure if I would actually pull it off, considering how lazy I am, and how much I procrastinate.
But then finally I sat, with 2 season's worth of Psych episodes on the playlist, all my watercolors, palettes and brushes spread out and a new bottle of waterproof black ink !Took some time out of my busy (not) schedule, and made about 20-25 postcards for my friends and family, and sent them all off with nice stamps of Rajiv Gandhi on top.

Mini paintings in the making...

Some finished ones! :D


All in decorated envelopes and ready to go!

Some Final ones!

Dec 13, 2011

Still here!

Just a little post to say, I'm still here; and the attempt to keep the blog updated regularly is still being made... :)

Jun 26, 2011

Random comics...

Some more scans..

Comics, some individual, more mostly co-created with Sonali Upadhyaya!
her blog-

Also, some funny, some not so.. :P

Giant Sketch Dump!!!

Well.. Its been 2 years and 2 months here at NID in Ahmedabad. We are now officially 3rd yr seniors!
But.. doesn't feel like it at all!! :P

But it has led to one thing.. our batch Pre-diploma display!! Which has led to this blog post after eons!
Being forced to scan all your work has this advantage! :P

So here is everything I could find from my sketching work (decent enough to post) from the last 2 years!!
I will try to avoid posting anything I might have already posted, but in case i have forgotten and double-posted.. hope u enjoy it just the same.. :)

If you had the patience to actually go through them all and reach here, then I Thank you!! :D
There will be another dump of various comics made by me and a friend in the next post...

May 21, 2011

Here be monsters..

A promo for my upcoming classroom project...

Look out behind you...

Apr 30, 2011

Classroom Woes

Sometimes it feels like I am going to be stuck in Ahmedabad forever! Because I'll never finish my work to convocate on time!
I have been working on my classroom project for ages, gone through a multitude of story ideas, most of which sucked, till I found one that didn't suck half as much. :)
I then proceeded to storyboard, whereupon, each run of the storyboard induced more changes in the story till I couldn't recognize it anymore!
I was getting more and more bogged down, till one of my professors gave me an inspiring lecture and interesting feedback, and I managed to come up with a new storyboard, which my guide... Approved!!! yay!

Anyway, here is something I doodled (with my new brush pen- thanks to Shruti) when I don't want to work! :P
Will post more updates on my entire project. Am planning to make this blog into a way of documenting my work. Plus, it should be fun to scan and upload the 10-14 differtn storyboards in vairous sizes that I've done and see if any of them make sense to others.

Apr 12, 2011

Breaking thru..

Just some watercolor and mix media work I had done some time back and scanned recently.
I had made it with the idea of a person struggling through layers of darkness which are holding her down, to break free through to the light above. Till I ruined it all with the stark black ink lines in the bottom! Anyway.. here it is..


I was definitely procrastinating this weekend. Didnt even try to think about my classroom project, but what I did do were some ATC's for timepass.
Read about the Design 21's Support Japan greeting cards contest, and though I haven't made any greeting cards yet, I made some ATC's because they were handy and some markers were lying around. 

Please contribute your designs too, at (hand made greeting cards for Japan)

Also some more ATC's I had made some time back.
(Inspired by the song, Blue eyes)