Apr 30, 2011

Classroom Woes

Sometimes it feels like I am going to be stuck in Ahmedabad forever! Because I'll never finish my work to convocate on time!
I have been working on my classroom project for ages, gone through a multitude of story ideas, most of which sucked, till I found one that didn't suck half as much. :)
I then proceeded to storyboard, whereupon, each run of the storyboard induced more changes in the story till I couldn't recognize it anymore!
I was getting more and more bogged down, till one of my professors gave me an inspiring lecture and interesting feedback, and I managed to come up with a new storyboard, which my guide... Approved!!! yay!

Anyway, here is something I doodled (with my new brush pen- thanks to Shruti) when I don't want to work! :P
Will post more updates on my entire project. Am planning to make this blog into a way of documenting my work. Plus, it should be fun to scan and upload the 10-14 differtn storyboards in vairous sizes that I've done and see if any of them make sense to others.

Apr 12, 2011

Breaking thru..

Just some watercolor and mix media work I had done some time back and scanned recently.
I had made it with the idea of a person struggling through layers of darkness which are holding her down, to break free through to the light above. Till I ruined it all with the stark black ink lines in the bottom! Anyway.. here it is..


I was definitely procrastinating this weekend. Didnt even try to think about my classroom project, but what I did do were some ATC's for timepass.
Read about the Design 21's Support Japan greeting cards contest, and though I haven't made any greeting cards yet, I made some ATC's because they were handy and some markers were lying around. 

Please contribute your designs too, at http://www.design21sdn.com/competitions/31 (hand made greeting cards for Japan)

Also some more ATC's I had made some time back.
(Inspired by the song, Blue eyes)

Apr 9, 2011

I spy

A doodle of an anatomically incorrect spy; and how I see myself when I'm doodling said anatomically incorrect spy on my bed. :)

Noir T-shirts!

Doesn't that sound just too good? I mean, what a combination! Film Noir and T-shirts! It was the latest competition in Threadless, and when a friend sent me a link to check it out, I had to make something for it, I just love the genre!
So here is the design!

The flame haired Femme Fatale, yet with a hint of vulnerabilty, and the hard-boiled detective...and of course who can forget the rain?

Vote for me on threadless if you like the Tee!!

White Heat - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Apr 7, 2011

Illustration Friday: Duet

This week's Illustration Friday topic, just something i felt like drawing that actually got 'drawn-out' somewhat like I imagined it!

Fun with Gelatin paper

I found a stash of coloured gelatins paper left over from an old light workshop. These are beautiful transparent sheets of the most beautiful, pure colours I have ever seen! I just had to do something with them. Actually I would love a lamp made with these somewhere, but for now I just did something with normal paper and pencil on paper.
So here is le Panda, and RED.
(Btw did you know a panda is called a panda even in french?)

Also a demented/retarded ballerina just for fun, and yes, she just killed that man!

Apr 5, 2011

Norwegian Wood

I made a poster for the recent Norwegian Wood movie poster competition.
I took part in it simply because I like the song by The Beatles, but read a lot about the film, and more about the original book and found it quite interesting! Am definitely going to try and find a copy of the book to read. :)
Though it hasn't won anything, I still personally like it quite a bit as an image ;)
The line drawing was done on paper and then in illustrator, and the rest in photoshop.
(Click on image to enlarge)