Apr 30, 2011

Classroom Woes

Sometimes it feels like I am going to be stuck in Ahmedabad forever! Because I'll never finish my work to convocate on time!
I have been working on my classroom project for ages, gone through a multitude of story ideas, most of which sucked, till I found one that didn't suck half as much. :)
I then proceeded to storyboard, whereupon, each run of the storyboard induced more changes in the story till I couldn't recognize it anymore!
I was getting more and more bogged down, till one of my professors gave me an inspiring lecture and interesting feedback, and I managed to come up with a new storyboard, which my guide... Approved!!! yay!

Anyway, here is something I doodled (with my new brush pen- thanks to Shruti) when I don't want to work! :P
Will post more updates on my entire project. Am planning to make this blog into a way of documenting my work. Plus, it should be fun to scan and upload the 10-14 differtn storyboards in vairous sizes that I've done and see if any of them make sense to others.

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