Mar 19, 2010


Some weird compositions i had tired out for an assignment misunderstood  :P

Yes that is Tyra banks ;)
The first one was done directly on Photoshop, and the second all from different images on the net with a little bit of rain added in PS.

Mar 11, 2010

As the Semester draws to a close..

It is 11th of March..
Not a famous date, at least not that I can remember.
But the just a month away awaits the summer holidays, home, free time, etc etc.
A year in Nid has gone by so quickly, and it seems like it was just yesterday that I had come here for interviews and studio tests. So much has happened, so much that I expected, so much I never did, things learnt, some unlearned, so much gained, so much more lost.
Has it been a fruitful year? I find it difficult to answer that question. No doubt I have learnt a lot here, but have I put it to any use? I don't think so, not yet. I sit here on my blog when there a million other things i should be doing, much more that I should have done, and said.
So many new people in my life now, yet i miss the old ones the same, these holidays yet again I will make the resolution to keep in touch, and I know that most probably this year too it will be broken, even though i have more people to keep in touch with.
Once again I make the resolution to do something useful in the vacations, and yet the suspicion remains that nothing will come out of it, nothing has for the past three years!
Life revamping is in order, long overdue infact, maybe this is the lucky year?
Here's hoping for a better month, atleast what is left of it, and a better life.

*Crossed Fingers*