Apr 11, 2012

Making a Short Animation Film

I have decided to start a blog dedicated to the documentation of my short animation film.
Its finally got a title! *yay*

I realised that posting details on the animation film on this blog itself did not make much sense as it was unnecessarily cluttering up the space.

Thus I have a new blog,

The making of 'Work In Progress' 

I will be sporadically updating it, with better organized chapters, scans of sketches and so on, line tests as and when I have them etc.

The main purpose of this blog is quite the ulterior motive, because I'm doing it to make myself start writing in detail about the way I have gone about making this film, because We do have to submit a proper detailed document on that when we finish said project and appear before a jury.
Also it is a documentation of all the thngs I have thought of, mistakes  I've made etc, to justify where all the months I spent went!

Hope if anyone ever reads it, they find it mildly interesting, at the very least!

(I might also be removing/editing the posts I've put here, as they are quite long and rambling, and put it up all properly on the other blog.)

UPDATE: This blog is temporarily unavailable. I'm am hastily trying to compile my documentation right now, and the whole place is a mess, so I would rather not have people see it right now! :P
Sorry! It will be put to rights once I'm actually done with the major portion of the film and have submitted my documentation!

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