Apr 21, 2012


The colour of her jacket reminds me of mangoes.. and its mango season here too!! :P
Another go at a quick sketch with colour. Referenced from my new favourite site, The Sartorialist! :D
I kinda like the colours on this one.
Also trying to paint with limited palettes, maintain colour harmony within the piece, reading on using the colour gamut tool by James Gurney here and here.

Apr 11, 2012

Summer Style

Sketch for fun, to try out a new style.. From start to finish all digital, something I usually don't do.
Also a badly drawn wink which looks like she has an eye randomly missing :P

(Referenced from The Sartorialist )

Making a Short Animation Film

I have decided to start a blog dedicated to the documentation of my short animation film.
Its finally got a title! *yay*

I realised that posting details on the animation film on this blog itself did not make much sense as it was unnecessarily cluttering up the space.

Thus I have a new blog,

The making of 'Work In Progress' 

I will be sporadically updating it, with better organized chapters, scans of sketches and so on, line tests as and when I have them etc.

The main purpose of this blog is quite the ulterior motive, because I'm doing it to make myself start writing in detail about the way I have gone about making this film, because We do have to submit a proper detailed document on that when we finish said project and appear before a jury.
Also it is a documentation of all the thngs I have thought of, mistakes  I've made etc, to justify where all the months I spent went!

Hope if anyone ever reads it, they find it mildly interesting, at the very least!

(I might also be removing/editing the posts I've put here, as they are quite long and rambling, and put it up all properly on the other blog.)

UPDATE: This blog is temporarily unavailable. I'm am hastily trying to compile my documentation right now, and the whole place is a mess, so I would rather not have people see it right now! :P
Sorry! It will be put to rights once I'm actually done with the major portion of the film and have submitted my documentation!