Dec 1, 2009

Daily doodle!

Didn't manage to complete my set target of 30 posts of good work by the end of the month, and cheated as well with the old work demonstration! :( Its already 20 minutes into 1st December..
Very little drawing done this weekend! though it was a 4-day weekend! Watched movies, fooled around, somehow managed to waste a hell lot of time! and not managed any work!
Just 2 measly drawings done! One for Saturday and one for Sunday!
I'm getting very impatient these days, don't have that patience I had with the one line drawing, and then I scribble and ruin it. The strength of this lies, in my opinion, in recognizing the main contours, and knowing where to lead the line. If I were to just scratch around all over the place, then I'm sure anyone could draw without lifting their pencil or pen off the page!
Need to be more patient, and not draw in a hurry.. just not going to happen that way!
There are some examples of impatience coming up soon! Really terrible work sometimes!
Once again at the BMW

Had a drawing session with all the young kids on campus for a X'mas display! They are cute enough, till they start shouting, screaming for more chocolates, or just don't want to draw! I donot have my mother's patience for dealing with them! Managed to complete just one page after many starts, when either the subject moved away, or more likely, I was beckoned by one of the kids.
Well it wasn't as bad as I'm making out, somewhat fun to listen to their conversations, and see what they come up with!

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