Nov 15, 2009

1st Jury

When Gunjan started off...
Sonali impressing the panel!
Sekhar in jury..
Dhiman in the jury 'next-door'
The loser bunch of over-achievers.. Animation PG 09 Sem1

Well, its over now... THAT first jury!
It went well, so everyone says. I don't think so, not really. I, being the jackass I so often am, forgot to show half my work!! I know! it sounds extremely hard to believe, but that's what I did, I just showed a few mins of basic animation, a little drawing, not sketch books (not that I had much) and completely ignored the foundy promo for monsoon fiesta, the illustration workshop we had where we drew loads, the storybook made in the same workshop!!
but atleast i have developed this new style I'm trying out.. of sketching.. maybe next jury will see me presenting a thousand sketchbooks filled cover to cover :P

Anyway to fight the boredom of listening in on other juries, I doodled a bit, and they came out interesting...

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