Nov 19, 2009

Comix: the sequel

The 2nd day was as much a flop as the first day was succesful..
We had to basically explore panels, spacing, gutter, angles and so on with a simple action.
My interpretation of the action had the action (Vibration of  Cell phone), as a thing which caused an entirely unrelated story to happen, involving two characters and a chess game.
Anyway let me post the pictures before I give the game away..
(I have discovered that I just cannot, repeat cannot draw chess pieces without breaking my head against a wall!)

Two old men are playing a game of chess, one looks a little khadus, or mean, while the other seems a simple enough person.
the first person is reaching for a piece to make his move with a trembling hand when suddenly the table starts shaking.
He panics and thinks, Earthquake!
The next set of panels show that as the bald man gets increasingly peturbed, the other seems very calm.
Finally the vibration is revealed to be the buzz of the other man's phone which he them calmly answers.

Reviews, comments and criticisms welcome!

1 comment:

  1. The panels can be more dynamic, use different angles so that the earthquake and the panic of the man would be more clear ,use exaggeration,

    I like the earthquake word u have written, I also like the first two panels the chessboard comes out of the panel its nice.

    Your college assignment was really great , that markandeya I still remember it .