Nov 29, 2009


Talking to a lot of old friends today made me realise a lot of things.
Firstly- I got so busy talking on skype with 2 people while simultaneously talking to 3 other people in 3 differnt messengers, that i did not do any work at all! :P
2ndly- That sometimes friends hold much more value than we give them credit for. Especially old friends! these are the people who knew you for years, who studied with you everyday, who got to know you even when you didn't want to be known. After all the times, trying as well as the good ones, it is quite a friendship that has resulted. These friends, who despite you being a lazy ass, make the effort to call and talk at least once a week, who make the effort to get to know the new friends you have made at this new place.. these are the friends worth having.  And these are the friends who grow closer with distance, and yes absence makes the heart grow fonder, just as it makes the heart sometimes forget easier.
I really need to be less of a lazy bum and write more, call more, make a leetle bit of an effort and be a better friend!
Miss you all back in Bombay!

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