Nov 18, 2009


Finally.. the long-awaited Comic Book Course hath begun!!
Millions upon millions of students sigh as they are denied the admission to the Animation department,
The soft sighs rise to a crescendo of wails as the co-ordinator begins with the newest course..
Graphic Narrative, or simply...
Comic Books!
Seriously, it has been the most  longed-for, highly anticipated and oft controversial course of the syllabus, and as the journey begins, excitement builds.
Never thought I would ever make a comic book, let alone a mini-one after the first day of class, LET Alone the fact that Sekhar might say that it wasn't THAT bad...
Anyway.. enough with the talking, lets move on to the actual artwork..

(The story is explained at the end, so that it is clear to those who might not understand/like/or look at the entire thing!)

The story goes thus:
When my father got transferred from Chennai to Mumbai, both my brother and I were extremely excited. One of the main reasons being that we were to go with our father by flight to the big, bad city!
The comic explores this excitement, the heartbreak of leaving behind school best-friends, promises made of letters to be written, and travel in a flight finally. Confusion surrounding the seat-belt, air-sickness, sibling squabbling and making up, and finally, the trip through the city at night before sleeping beneath the glittering city lights.


  1. hey, the pages are quite nicely composed...
    u and your brother looking out of the window is really very cute...eyes full of wonder...and u on the broom is funny:)

  2. nice stuff ramya! i love the escalator! that composition looks quite nice! really cute!