Nov 17, 2009

From Chai to Chinese markers..

Sitting at the BMW, with a few special people, people who bring a smile to your face, a gladness to your heart.. looking at everyone coming and going.. it is an interesting thing.
A dry throat made me order a chilled soft drink rather than a hot coffee, but later I had to foist it off on others when I couldn't finish :)
Even coughing at the smell of the tadka being poured on the maggi makes me smile now. The scramble to get out of the smoke-range, find another table which is equally good, out of the sun etc etc..

Somehow in between the place-changing, people-ogling and coughing, I remembered the new sketch book in my bag, and the equally new black pen I was itching to try out, but didnt want to waste the ink of!
This was the chance... the drink was forgotten, the coughing sent to the back of the mind, and the out came the book and pen, and a sigh... as the pen moved upon crisp paper like a hot knife through butter.. random doodles, seeing the fresh, shiny black ink quickly dry up and become permanent marks upon the paper.
The dog lying in the sun, lazing after a few biscuits.. and the engrossed reader, who thankfully didn't notice me craning my neck around others in the way, to draw him.

Excited photographers, with a shiny new camera!

Sonali, on the phone, her laugh filling the air.

A short walk to have pani puri's, cheap flavoured soda's, coffee and more talk...

 All in all, a good day was today, people were seen, shoulders were cried upon, resolutions were made, and dinner almost missed. There should be more such days in life, where at the end, you go to bed with a smile on your face, and hope for tomorrow.

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