Nov 26, 2009

This and that..

Human nature is so funny.. no wait, it can't be called funny, maybe interesting is a better word. You really have no idea what to expect sometimes.. not from others, not from yourself.
HUmans themselves are such fickle creatures, they change like a chameleon's colours, and often what is on the surface is exactly what is not real!
Everyday throws something unexpected at you, and sometimes, even if you had planned for it in some long ago time, you don't react they way you expected to. Sometimes its difficult to even explain your reaction. Are you happy? sad? confused? that is a word I seem to rely on a lot. nowadays. When its difficult to explain, even to yourself what exactly you feel like that particular day.. happy, sad, depressed, irritated? What when it is all that, and yet none exactly?
And when someone inspires some strong emotion in you.. be it love, hate, anger.. expressing it sometimes is not an option, for whatever reasons..whether it is for your own reasons, for someone who is close to you, or just because its not the right thing to do.
Life seems to be filled with such moments daily.. and there are always endless more thought provoking sessions.

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