Nov 19, 2009

Flop Show comics: TM

This is where the blog starts to go downhill.. and keeps going that way..
Having been inspired by my classmate Gunjan, and of course all the comic book exposure, has led me to believe (mistakenly), that I too can be funny, draw little comic strips, and make people laugh.
Now, though I know in the light of day (or rather in the dead of night) that I am not as funny as I thought I was, sleep deprivation causes me to launch this fantastic new venture anyway..
I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, and the regular 'ole guys and gals out there, Flop Show Comics (TM)!
Yes, this is where you can see the worst of the worst, the most terrible drawings of Sekhar, (the co-ordinator), my poor over-drawn classmates, and the fresh meat delivered daily with some of Sekhar's jokes, and some of mine.
Lets begin, with the unveiling of the logo!

and show how the process began..

The contributing factors, including random points heard in class...

And Finally, preparing for the first issue!

and then proceed to the very first bad joke..

(Its an inside joke, so this excuses you from not being able to understand!)


Don't worry.. There might be more on the way.. after all, I have just begin...

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