Nov 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sonali!

A birthday comes and the first thought that crosses the mind is, 'What do I give her?'
Well I had to scratch the grey cells for this one, but finally inspiration came from the subject herself, and her love for sleeping!
Sonali will nap even if she gets 5 minutes free, and she is a pain to awaken, as she never actually awakens when u try to wake her!
A comedic take on a surprise b'day party gone awry. Imagine if she never woke and realized that you had come to wish her? And thus this mini-comic was born...
Hand drawn in a notebook, then photocopied and watercolored before the tearing out and sticking on colored paper and shaped into a book.

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  1. Is it too late to say I love you? Boohooo....thankoooooooo....