Nov 19, 2009

The Vastrapur Expedition

Weather so beautiful, it made you forget that this same place could be hellishly hot at 45 degrees in the summer.
Yes, at three in the afternoon we went to Vastrapur Lake, bundled up in warm clothing, the sky overcast and soft light filtering through. It was almost an adventure, taking a bus and then changing over at a cross-roads, and finally arriving at our destination. A well-deserved treat for making it at all, was the flavored soda at the Soda Shop opposite, after which we finally proceeded to the lake.
The lake of course, after all this, was quite a let down. There was hardly a ripple in the water, and what we could see was the numerous couples sitting together in all corners available, and many left over in the open areas too. (there are not that many corners as one would think!)
The only thing missing was romantic violin music in the background, and someone to share it with, though even if I had grabbed Sonali by the shoulders and smooched her, I doubt anyone would have given a damn!
Anyway, smooching, couple-dom and weather aside, it was a nice outing, which resulted in a few good sketches. Done with microtips of 2 point-sizes, and some coloring on PS.

Sitting at the Soda shop resulted in a few doodles...

The Lake itself..

The contrast of people sitting: one lone man on a bench, while right opposite, the lovey-dovey couple.

And last, but my favorite.. tiny cityscape.


  1. amazing sketches...the non colored ones work for me better...really liked them...and the last one with just a little bit of blue color is the incompleteness of it.

  2. btw, i tried one line sketching, getting inspired by u...i could finish only a single face at one time...cudnt go beyond...forget entire landscapes...its like holding your breath for long...

  3. hey.. ya thts my exact feeling.. thts y i am doing in tiny books, and thts y this 2 pens wala funda.. so tht i sdont have to continue with one forever! and ya even i perosnally like the city with blue sky more than fully colored ones, tho i like the temple wala too.. :)

  4. hey ramya ur work is really improving a lot- helina