Nov 16, 2009


We made a trip to Sarkhej finally, the weather being beautiful as if it had been that way all day just to convince us to go somewhere!

we planned to go around 4, though it was almost 5 when we finally did leave, and that resulted us in getting hardly half an hour of light when we reached there, though it was completely worth it.
Its a place to go in th winter, where you can sit in peace, listen to the sounds of nature, just a lot of quiet.
It was nice and mildly chill, just enough for some people to put on sweaters and jackets, and huddle around later clutching cups of hot chai and plates of samosas, (the 'unlucky' vegetarians had to bear with some spicy aloo samosas while the others gorged on mutton ones!)

Some sketches inspired by Sarkhej...
I tried continuing with the One continuous line style..
Found a workaround when it becomes too complicated.. the things in the foreground I tackle first, with a bold pen, and then switch pens for the background, this way they are all not one complicated line, but a few different ones..

                                             (Some quick coloring done on photoshop.)

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